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Senin, 10 Juni 2013

Setelah sekian lama.....


GOSH!!!! blogku sudah lama tidak dikunjungi, ditulisi, dan dibersihkan.... Kalau ini rumah, pasti sudah berdebu dan banyak sarang laba-laba dimana-mana T.T 

I'm sorry my dear blog.... I've been soooo busy and occupied with school's activities.... The second semester really took all of my time, I needed to study so hard to boost up my grades to make it better so that I can secure my scholarship for my second year in Geneva. En biasanya kalo ada free time, aku langsung main sama temen-temen, having dinner together or a party hahaha.... There was barely any time to do blogging, even if there was, I used it to study, read a book that i want to read, or just hanging out with friends. 

Now I'm having a three months summer holiday, which I also use to do an internship and voluntary work with World Education in Indonesia (WEI). For the first time I was sad because I didn't get any internship in Geneva... It feels so hard to get one because everybody is so competitive. I've applied like 20 applications, all of them rejected me. I was trying my best to make my application better, improving and editing back and forth my resumé and motivational letter, got some friends to proof read them, and so on. For the first time it was hard for me to feel grateful for this internship. I feel that because this internship is in Indonesia and not in a cool country like Switzerland, than it is automatically less prestigious :(  Yet, one day a friend reminded me that there's nothing bad in it after hear my whole story, and her remarks hit me quite hard. It's like a wake up call that indeed, what's so bad of doing an internship in my home country?? I speak the language, I know the country, it's in my own country, and I know the culture. Plus, I can meet my family and friends and I can save a lot of money because the living cost there is five times cheaper than in Geneva!!! As a comparison, my monthly scholarship is 2000 CHF (about 20 million Rupiah), but I can live with "only" a 1000 CHF for 3 months in Indonesia. That's a big gap indeed....

I like this project so much, I learn a lot from this. Stay tune, you're gonna read some of my adventure in the next following post.... ;) 

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  1. Semangat, Nik!! Kalo di sini juga ada yang ngurusin kan. Akakakka... Sekalian sedikit berdedikasi untuk negeri sendiri ;)


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