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Sabtu, 02 April 2011

JAPAAAAAN ^^ part 12: lunch in Kamiyagari Island

so, setelah kami mengunjungi The Yamato Museum & The Sake Brewery, we had an unforgettable lunch in Kamiyagari Island. pemandangan selama menuju ke pulau itu indaaaah sekali, full with mountains and green hills. apalagi saat itu turun hujan rintik2, jadi suasananya jadi semakin romantis wekekek.

rumah makannya tuh letaknya nyempil gitu, n pas kami ke sana, ga banyak orang yg datang. cuma ada rombongan kami n bbrp turis lain. but the view was sooo amazing, and i think that is a perfect place to meditate and to contemplate yourself, while at the same time have a nice lunch there :)

i'll not talk much about this time. let's just Relaaaaxxx, and enjoy the picture!!

this is the restaurant that we bonded to.

this is how it looks. it's like a pavilion, eh? it's located in a peaceful and "rather-isolated area".

this is the meal that we had!! don't you think it looked delicious? but i can't remember all of their names hahaha.... n makanan disitu belum semuanya disajikan loh... belum ada mangkuk nasinya. di barisan atas itu ada semur daging with tomatoes,and salad.

in the middle row: we had some kind like a miso soup, sweet potatoes, orange's slices, pickles, and seaweed.

and at the bottom, we had fish (i'm not sure whether that was salmon or not) and the food i don't know the name...haha. but the most important is: it's sooo delicious!! at that time, the waitress had not served the rice bowl yet.

the lake outside the restaurant. it's very peaceful indeed....

the green green hills...

there is also a small "pendapa" outside the restaurant.

more green hills & mountains...

this is the road that going to the lake. i didn't go there, tough. i prefer to enjoy the view from distance :)

a small delta.

another side of the way going to the lake.

look at that beautiful scenery!! Japan is similar with Indo i think! if only we---Indonesian people----also have strong willing to maintain & take care of our mountains & don't chop off the trees anymore, we will be as outstanding as Japan's.

on the other side of the place, there is also a beach!! i took the picture from distance. the water was so calm & blue, the wave is not really big, but yet there were not many people in there.

still remember this photo? i've posted in my 7th note (if i'm not mistaken hehehe). we took a picture together in the small "pendapa", and after that, we headed to Disco Factory.
this is the view along the street in Kure, during our trip to the restaurant. isn't it wonderful??! the villages, the houses, the rice paddy fields...
up and down....up and down....but i really enjoyed the street. it was sooo smooth, so we didn't have many bumps in the car :P
jalannya belok-belok yah...
in order to get to the restaurant, we had to across the bridge. i think the bridge is sooo amazing, and seeing it really grapsed my breath!
this is the bridge, captured from far away distance :)
here we gooo.... headed to the bridge!!
here we come, bridge! hahahaa ^o^
look look look!! the scenery along the street was soo beautiful indeed. i couldn't take my eyes off them, and kept taking pictures!!
it was rainy. but i like rainy days like that, it gives such a romantic nuance...
so peaceful, quiet, and calm.
this is the primary school in Kure.
the residents' houses....
and more houses.....

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