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Kamis, 24 Maret 2011


Pas hari valentine kemarin, jurusan gw ngadain lomba nulis surat cinta. surat itu bebas ditujukan buat siapa aja: buat pacar, gebetan, kakak, adek, mama, papa, other family members, sohib, dll. Naaah, gw terpikir pingin ikut. Tapi dalam nulis nanti, gw pingin buat sesuatu yg beda. Gw pingin nulis surat cinta, kalo ga untuk Tuhan Yesus, ya untuk calon suami gw kelak hehe. coz gw jamin, di kampus gw pasti belum ada yg nulis buat begituan! hehe.

entah kepada siapa surat itu ditujukan nanti, tujuan gw nulis cuma satu: to glorify my Lord ^^ lewat surat itu, gw pingin mendeklarasikan iman gw ke Tuhan Yesus, n tell others how deep, how big, n how abundant His love is. tentu aja gw ga akan nulis dalam nada yg make other people convert, gw cuma pingin menggambarkan betapa penuh cintanya Tuhan kita itu....:) Gw sama sekali ga ada niat ato tujuan untuk menang. PIngin menang sih pasti, jelas ada. tapi itu bukan tujuan utama gw. Tujuan utama gw ya itu tadi, to glorify The Lord & to declare to others how faitfhul, how wonderful, & how beautiful His Love is :) malah kayanya kemungkinan gw untuk menang itu tipis sekali, malah hampir ga ada, mengingat lingkungan kampus gw yang cukup sekuler. Gw rasa, panitia yg baca akan langsung menyisihkan surat itu karena ga tertarik....or dianggep aneh, nulis surat kok buat Tuhan or calon husband??

eeeeh tau gak?? kira2 seminggu kemudian, gw dihubungin kalo gw menang loh... MENAAAANGGGG!!! hahahahaa ^o^ gw sampe ga percaya dengernya.....ga percaya banget, ga nyangka banget! kok bisa yah menang.... padahal selama lomba itu gw udah siapin mental buat kalah :p n hadiahnya, gw dapet boneka beruang teddy n sekotak coklat Cadburry wehehehe.

oh ya, di lomba gw memutuskan untuk nulis buat calon suami kelak. Karena yg ngadain lomba itu perkumpulan mahasiswa/i bahasa Inggris, ya suratnya harus ditulis pake bahasa Inggris hehehe. ini nih:

Dearest My Love somewhere out there,

How are you now? what are you doing? what are you like? i write this on a scrap piece of paper, just to pour out the feeling that i feel inside. the feeling that i have for you, and only for you. It's the thing, that i miss you so much. I know that we never ever meet yet, we haven't known each other. But deep inside my heart, I know that i love you, and fall for you :) I love you before I meet you!

Dearest Sweetheart, right now, things seem very difficult for me. Everytime I look around, what my eyes see is just bunch and bunch of couples hanging out everywhere. It seems like everyday is the special day for them. In Christmas time, in Easter, in summer holiday, new year's eve, haloween party, chinese new year, and now for Valentine. to see that most of friends are having an appointment tonight with their beloved really pierces my heart. i don't have someone to sit beside me, someone to pick me up to have a delicate candlelight dinner, or maybe someone who just to hang out around with. It doesn't mean that i don't appreciate the time I have with my friends, I am sure you and God know what i mean. Waiting for you to come seems very blur, everything is uncertain, and I really do not know how long i have to wait.

But you know what, honey, despite the sorrow and loneliness that I have, I feel very grateful too. I know that we will meet soon, even tough we do not how, when, and where. only our Father knows, right? :) I'm very contented and grateful to the Lord that has let me stay single for this uncertain period of time. I thank Him for every minute, every hour, and every day in my life that draws me closer and closer to Him :) He teaches me what is the meaning of patience, humble, and compassion. Most of all, He teaches me to keep have faith in Him no matter what; no matter what the world say or done to you, or even when they mock you because you do the right thing. He is the source of joy, the Comforter that we seek everytime we feel sad and so uncertain about things going around us.

Honey, i know that when the time we meet and know that we are meant to be, we will both thank Lord for the time He has allowed us to stay single. We will thank Him for the time when He teaches us how to be a real man and an elegant lady, the time when He teaches us each of our responsibility: to love, to cherish, and to respect each other. But the most important thing is that when He teaches us, up until now, to put Him as the number one in our heart, beyond everything that we could ever know or have. Having Him as our God, our Savior and Creator is the most amazing thing we could ever have. If we can be this way, if someday we could meet and hold each other's hands, that is merely because of His grace, and not because of our own strength, smartness, or wealth.

Honey, I love you not because of your physical beauty. I love you not because you come from a rich, wealthy family, or because you are famous person in the workplace or during your campus time. I love you not because you have the greates job on earth! I love you just the way you are. but most of all is that i love you because of the faith you have :)

I know that you are not perfect, because I am not either. You are not shy to tell me that you are angry, sad, dissapointed, worry, or feel weak. But the way you handle and act toward the situation you face is one thing that can make me say, "how great is our God." You choose  not to give up, but surrender to the Lord. It always remind me with the Words saying, "In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength." We stumble and fall so many many times, they are uncountable! and if we are able to stand up until this very moment, i know that is because of God's mercy only.

When things became uncertain around you, you have your faith in Lord.....

When all of your friends already had their spouses and mocked you why you didn't search for yours, you just humbly smile and deciced to follow His way, because His way is eternal and His promises are everlastinng :) you didn't rush to find the new one, of course you kept waiting for her and socialize and hanging out, it is just the way you search according to the Lord's words that makes me love you more. And oh, how grateful I am to know that I am her.... the one that you've been waiting for so long. I must be the happiest woman on earth!! ^^

When you face difficult situation, you don't turn your back upon Lord, instead you keep your faith in Him. I'm sure that it is the problems God allowed to be happen on us that made our faith grow deeper and deeper, right? ;p

I love the time you give me little gifts and surprises, even tough it was not my birthday, Christmas day, or even Valentine day ;) and the way you always being a gentleman all the time!

When our couple friends are kissing, touching, and making out everywhere and I got really envy them and asked why we don't just do the same thing, you said NO. I love the way you respect me and treat me like a lady, a woman that you want to cherish for the rest of your life. Most of all, I love the way you retain yourself from doing anything that can lead to sexuality, and also the way you respect other women!

When I became upset because of something I could not achieve or accomplish, you always be there for me, cheer for me, and always make fun of it! hahahaa ^o^ how funny you are!

When you said NO when I ask you to go out because you want to spend time alone with Lord. We know how hard it is for people to be alone in this chaotic and digital era. But you still put Lord as the first of everything in your life. you put Him as the centre of your life, and you keep encourage me to do the same thing when i almost give it up!

When i have disagreement with my friends, a quarell with my little brother, a fight with my mom or dad, you just sit down beside me, and listen to my story. You listen, and not judge.... and finally, after i've calmed down, you put your arms around me, and ask me to forgive them. You yourself know that forgiving is not the easy thing to do. It's much much easier just to let it go away or ignore it, or even to revenge them for the things they've done to me. But you don't do the same :) instead, you ask me whether you could pray for me, and ask Lord to help me to forgive someone who has hurted my heart. The thing that really amazes me, is that you also do the same way when others dissapoint you or really let you down. You weep, you go angry, and you will keep silent for a while because your heart's hurt. but in the end, you will come to them and apologize. or if it's not, then the other thing happen: you forgive :) thanks for being a role model for me Honey. The moment when we kneel and praise The Lord together is one of precious moments I could never let it go.

And when finally you ask me to be you wife..........ahahahaha. I will be so happy that there will only tears coming down from my eyes and a big big smile, as wide as banana in my mouth :D I am sure you will make a good husband, a good father for our kids, but most of all, is that you will be a leader, a priest, and a head of our future family. You will teach me and our children to obey and submit to the Lord, to put Him as the Centre of this family. As I promise to obey you and submit to you, you will love, cherish, and protect me as you love and protect your own body.

This three years relationship really taught us everything, and i believe as you let the Lord to lead our relationship, you will do the same, to let Him lead our family, to teach us how to be a good husband and wife.

I used to hear people say that marriage takes THREE instead of two: the couple and the God Himself. and on the day we say our vow in the Holy Matrimony, I know that it is definitely true! it indeed takes three to marriage. It is God who unite us together.

Honey, you are so worth to wait. Whenever I remember the tears, the pain, and the lonely waiting, they are still much worth to do to have you. i do not regret for enjoying and fully maximizing the time when I am single: to seek what Lord want me to do, to know Him better and better. And until that time, I will keep waiting for His way. For this moment, it may becomes very difficult for us, but let us live not by feeling, but live by faith. And let us trust in the Lord with all our heart, and lean not on our own understanding :)

Yours ever,

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  1. WoW.. bagus nik..

  2. lia, kalo mo comment, pilih ID-mu yg bagian name/url itu loh....nah terus ntar tinggal isiin namamu, jadi ga usah anonim hehehe :D


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