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Kamis, 05 September 2013

Why in the World is There Suffering?

(This note is taken from a booklet published by RBC Ministries. I feel blessed after reading this so I decided to type it back and share it).

Why is there pain and suffering?

Our televisions show harrowing pictures of famine and starvation in the Third World. The radio announces another international conflict on the verge of breaking out. The local newspaper carris the sad news of another life scarred by violence and abuse. Neighbours tell of friends who lost their battles with cancer. Suffering seems to be everywhere, and it raises lots of emotions and questions.

Rabu, 12 Juni 2013

Reverse Culture Shock

Gue baru aja baca postingan lama Ci Shinta yang judulnya Reverse Culture Shock. En gue lagi ngalamin bangeeet hal itu saat balik Indo sekarang!! Gue cukup tidak mengalami culture shock saat hijrah dari Indo ke Swiss, tapi yang sebaliknya justru terjadi. Menurut gue ini karena kultur di Swiss kan jauh lebih maju dan lebih teratur: kehidupan ekonominya, kondisi sosialnya, transportasi, dll. Plus, sejak dulu gue udah pingin pergi en tinggal di luar negeri, banyak baca novel-novel bahasa Inggris, en love western food so sedikit banyak gue gak mengalami kesulitan berarti selama disana. Yah paling kangen dikit-dikit sama makanan Indo tapi kan itu bisa ditahan hehe :p 

Tapi salah satu hal yang gue kurang sukai dari negara maju adalah

Senin, 10 Juni 2013

My first days of Internship

Like what I wrote in my previous post, I like this internship and I learned a lot from this. In fact, I also make a diary project. I am trying my best to commit writing in that diary so that after completing this internship, I can look back and recall some lessons that I learn during those times.... The diary is written in English, part of it is to help me improve my writing skills, the other is to let my non-Indonesian friends to read it :D  But I'm not going to share all of the stories, though!! In the future, probably there will be some edited stories before they are published :)

Here are the first part of it:

Setelah sekian lama.....


GOSH!!!! blogku sudah lama tidak dikunjungi, ditulisi, dan dibersihkan.... Kalau ini rumah, pasti sudah berdebu dan banyak sarang laba-laba dimana-mana T.T 

I'm sorry my dear blog.... I've been soooo busy and occupied with school's activities.... The second semester really took all of my time, I needed to study so hard to boost up my grades to make it better so that I can secure my scholarship for my second year in Geneva. En biasanya kalo ada free time, aku langsung main sama temen-temen, having dinner together or a party hahaha.... There was barely any time to do blogging, even if there was, I used it to study, read a book that i want to read, or just hanging out with friends. 

Now I'm having a three months summer holiday, which I also use to do an internship and voluntary work with World Education in Indonesia (WEI). For the first time I was sad because I didn't get any internship in Geneva... It feels so hard to get one because everybody is so competitive. I've applied like 20 applications, all of them rejected me. I was trying my best to make my application better, improving and editing back and forth my resumé and motivational letter, got some friends to proof read them, and so on. For the first time it was hard for me to feel grateful for this internship. I feel that because this internship is in Indonesia and not in a cool country like Switzerland, than it is automatically less prestigious :(  Yet, one day a friend reminded me that there's nothing bad in it after hear my whole story, and her remarks hit me quite hard. It's like a wake up call that indeed, what's so bad of doing an internship in my home country?? I speak the language, I know the country, it's in my own country, and I know the culture. Plus, I can meet my family and friends and I can save a lot of money because the living cost there is five times cheaper than in Geneva!!! As a comparison, my monthly scholarship is 2000 CHF (about 20 million Rupiah), but I can live with "only" a 1000 CHF for 3 months in Indonesia. That's a big gap indeed....

I like this project so much, I learn a lot from this. Stay tune, you're gonna read some of my adventure in the next following post.... ;) 

Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

Semester 2 and I'm going to be okay

Baru aja mampir di blognya Kezia en gue baca soal pergumulannya dalam mikirin topik skripsi haha. Gue ngerti banget rasanya gimana. Btw, mumpung gue belum tenggelam dalam kesibukan, mo ngeblog dulu aaah.... Sekalian kasih update soal perkembangan gue en  tumpahin uneg2 dikit hehe.

Senin, 04 Februari 2013

The Life of Pi: Does God exist or not??!

Hadeeeh lama banget kagak nulis blog. Serasa udah jaman jebot haha. En rasanya gue udah utang tulisan banyak banget. 
Well. Anyway, gue nulis kalo biasanya merasa semangat sekali buat menulis sesuatu. En malam ini (or pagi ini, Indonesian time), gue lagi semangat buat nulis. So, gue nulis dah hoho. Saking semangat nulisnya, gue merasa ogah buat write in English.... 

Gue baru aja nonton film "The Life of Pi" with one of my best friend ever. En believe me, that film is so so so so awesome, so great. So eye-opening. Koreografinya, narasinya, en terutama, THE MESSAGE INSIDE. Temen2 udah pada nonton belum? kalo belum, gue sangat merekomendasikan untuk menonton film ini. Gue ga akan cerita panjang lebar tentang isi film, so buat temen2 yg belum pada nonton, mungkin bakal bingung baca post ini.

Jumat, 18 Januari 2013

Wait on Me

These days, I often get and feel worry, scared, and fear easily. I think about everything. About the next semester which is going to be more and more challenging, about looking for an internship in the midst of a very competitive and challenging situation, whether or not I can renew my scholarship, about my future, my job, my career, etc.... I am also anxious thinking that I might not get good result from the last semester. I did try very hard, I studied like I've never studied before, but I still feel so stupid and lag behind.

Senin, 14 Januari 2013

Ps. Gilbert Lumoindong's Sermon, Paris - English Version

This is the English version from my previous post titled Kotbah Pdt Gilbert Lumoindong di Paris. Ps. Gilbert is an Indonesian preist who was invited to preach in Paris Centre Chretien, Paris, yesterday. Somehow I am tempted to translate and rewrite this again in English, because the sermon was so powerful that I’d like to share with you (if you happen not to speak Indonesian). The sermon is still the same with the Indonesian version, however if you read both of my posts and understand both languages, there are some parts which are not the same :p

I would also like to notify you that since I rewrite this sermon, I have modified it, in the sense that there is some additional information or explanations (for my English speaking friends) which are common in my country but you don’t find in the Western culture or countries. So rather than just a mere report of posting, this note also become one of my reflection note. I put also some of my comments and my knowledge based from what I read, I experienced, or what I heard from friends. The essential and the core point of the sermon, however, remains the same.

Kotbah Pdt. Gilbert Lumoindong di Paris, Minggu 13 Januari 2013

Minggu kemarin, gue baru aja menghadiri kebaktiannya kotbah Pdt Gilbert Lumoindong di Paris Centre Chrètien, Paris. Gue berangkat ke sana bareng bbrp orang dari PMNI alias Persatuan Masyarakat Nasrani Indonesia. Total ada 9 orang en 2 mobil, 1 mobil terdiri dari 1 keluarga. Gue tergerak buat tulisin kotbahnya karena powerful banget bow !! mungkin buat temen2 di Indo, kotbah ini kagak begitu powerful-powerful amat (yah sebenernya semua kotbah gak pantes dikategorikan powerful ato gak powerful ye, tapi yaaa you know what I mean lah hehehe), tapi buat gue yang udah lama gak ‘makan’ makanan rohani dari Indonesia, rasanya kaya dikasih « santapan » yang lezat banget gitu loh.

Btw sebelum mulai nulis kotbah, gue pingin sharing sedikit kebaikan Tuhan yang bikin mujizat sampe gue bisa ke Paris dengan harga murah meriah ahueheaheuehoauo.

Rabu, 02 Januari 2013

Questions about Christian's faith: the basic things.

I dedicated this post (and maybe the following posts after this) to everyone who wants to know more about Christianity belief, but particularly for my friends in the Geneva Graduate Institute. I am more or less intrigued to write down about this post, since I was often asked by my friends about my faith. I find that it is not easy, and in fact, to be really challenging as being confronted about the personal values and belief that I have. As some of you have known, I am Christian. And what I mean by Christian is that I’m not just going to church every Sunday. Being a Christian also means that I uphold the values and the way of life which Christ has taught me in the Bible. Somehow, I feel that being Christian means that we are expected by the society to act flawless, always full of love and forgive what others do wrong to you. I shall explain later about this below.